The question posed in the heading can be answered from several angles. Let’s first agree that no business is the same. If that was the case we could just write a standard manual and copy and paste it directly to other businesses. But still, let’s also agree on the fact that there are several similarities for businesses in general. Having said that, we can actually conclude that an e-based home business is not more different from or other businesses.

But let’s elucidate on that a bit further. An e-based home business is a business. So, by definition, it is in essence not different from other businesses. Businesses are operated to fulfill a need and to generate a return on investment, whatever is decided this should be. But there are a few very definite features that are different from the regular bricks and mortar businesses. This article only mentions three, but there are many more.

First and foremost, most of the business is done online. As you do most of your business online you are likely to be much more efficient in using your time. No travel, no hassle, just you and your computer to do your business. Second of all, in many cases, you do not have the products you sell in house. That’s why you also do not need to take care of the physical logistics that are involved with most other businesses. And for sure you don’t want to find out how much time, effort and money is going into the distribution process! And as a last point, most e-based home businesses you can basically run yourself. Of course, you still need advice. Because of that you probably visit forums or buy a service online. But you don’t need staff to do things for you.

These three very important features prove to be a major time saver. All this “abundant” time can be put into the promotion and marketing of your products and services. So if you want to describe what it is you do for your home business and what makes it so different from other businesses, then you could say that you spend most of your time and efforts on marketing your products. Compared to the majority of businesses you would find that they spend relatively much less time on marketing.

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