The yoga DVD is intended to shave off seconds from a track athlete’s time, shore up one’s short game, and step-up performance in tennis, bicycling, golf, and almost any sport. The sixty-minute program creates endurance and strengthens key muscles utilized in well-known sports, as well as improves focus. This yoga video is among Rodney Lee’s yoga DVDs that guide yogis in a more convenient way.

Gaiam Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss Yoga Movies

This yoga DVD won the 2005 Self Magazine Fitness DVD Award and is considered a unique program designed especially for DVD, guided by Suzanne Deason. The video accommodates every level of fitness with four individual workouts that vary in modification levels. On-screen yoga symbols alert one to poses that provide more comprehensive instruction. It also contains three hours of added material not found on the video. This video is among the yoga DVDs that is a holistic way of engaging the body and mind to help one effectively maintain and lose weight.

Gaiam Prenatal Yoga Movies

The video helps in enhancing and deepening the most profound occasion in a woman’s life, with an easy-to-follow- and gentle technique of Prenatal Yoga DVD. Shiva Rea guides this exclusive fity0minute series of strength-building exercises and stretches that assist in increasing stamina and energy, as well as develop concentration that aids during labor and delivery.

There are other Yoga DVDs available in the market today that bring more expediency for people who want to practice yoga at their own convenient time and place; these videos are becoming more and more popular choices of yoga-interested people.

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