There are lots of interesting facts about Panama City Beach; one of the interesting facts is that Panama City Beach is considered to have the most beautiful beaches in the whole world. Panama City Beach is located in the southeastern part of the United States; northwest of Florida. One of the interesting facts about Panama City Beach is that even though Panama City Beach is a small city (the city has a total area of seven square miles -6.9 square miles of it is land while the other 0.1mile is water), it has over seven thousand permanent residents and has an estimated average of 25,000 people visiting the city each day. Panama City Beach receives a lot of visitors (about four million tourists each year) for a city its size.

Other interesting facts about Panama City Beach is the climate of the city, the average water temperature of Panama City Beach is 72 degrees and is cooled by the 78-degree mild subtropical winds all year round. Since the founding of Panama City Beach, its economy has depended greatly on its most abundant natural blessing, its beaches. Panama City Beach is home to the most beautiful beaches in the whole world.

One of the interesting facts about Panama City Beach is that the city is known to be the Art District of Bay County. The Bay Arts Alliance, a local nonprofit organization for arts in Bay County, was founded in Panama City Beach in 1978.

Also one of the most interesting facts about Panama City Beach is the Indian Summer Seafood Festival that it celebrates every October of the year. The Indian Summer Seafood Festival is a three-day festival celebration of music, art, and most of all seafood. This three-day celebration showcases top names in the entertainment arena along with a wide variety of fresh local seafood. It is a truly spectacular and unforgettable experience.

The fun and excitement of Panama City Beach does not stop on the beach. In fact, the fun and excitement continues from early mornings on the beach to the wee hours of dawn. Just as the sun begins to set on Panama City Beach, its nightlife comes alive with music, fun, and laughter. Everywhere you look, you will find a wide selection of nightclubs and bars. From dance clubs to music bars and to the ever-favorite beach bars.

The fun and excitement does not seem to end while you are in Panama City Beach, Florida. With all the interesting facts about Panama City Beach, who could not resist its charm and alluring beauty? All the fun excitement and great experience Panama City Beach has got to offer are not just to its local population but to its visitors as well.

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