Do you have any idea on the best product to stop snoring that is available in the market today? There are actually a lot of choices and many claims by various manufacturers of anti-snoring products. One is in limbo in coming up with a decision on the best product to stop snoring.

Sleep Pro 1 is priced at around 50 US dollars. It gives you a large breathing hole during use. This would mean no problem whatsoever when one has a cold and whose nasal airways are congested. To fit your mouth well, this product needs to be heated in hot water first and then bitten with one’s jaw brought slightly forward. This is repeated until the mold takes the shape of the dimensional details of the mouth. When the mold cools, it becomes firm and serves its purpose of holding one’s jaw forward during one’s sleep. Another beautiful thing about this is that it can be remolded for a better fit.

The Sleep Pro 2 provides a more comfortable fit as it effectively fits to the mouth and teeth. Like Sleep Pro 1, it also has a large breathing hole. It is very easy to fit to your mouth with the special dental impression kit sent to the customer with the purchase. This claims to be an effective product to stop snoring. The price is around 236 dollars

The Sleep Pro 1 and Sleep Pro 2 are Mandibular advancement splints, which work by bringing the jaw a little bit forward, thereby stopping the snoring of a many number of snorers. The use of such a product to stop snoring proves to be a sensible alternative to other snoring treatments as CPAP or surgical procedures.

These Mandibular products to stop snoring work best if the snorer has healthy teeth and gums. If you have loose teeth or unhealthy gums, one should consider consulting a dentist if a Mandibular product to stop snoring is fit for you, or if something can be done to enable you to use this despite of your condition. In addition, if you should feel that your snoring is a symptom of a more serious condition as obstructive sleep apnea, then you should consult your physician for appropriate treatment of your condition.

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